Imprint Methods

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Heat Transfer

A non-toxic wax imprint
is transferred to the gloves by heat and
pressure. Used on suede leather and
fabric. Washable & durable. There must
be separation between each color with 
a heat transfer. Up to two colors.



A design is burned into leather
using heat and pressure. No color is
added with branding. Used on grain and
suede leather only. Also called




Pad Print

A special pad is applied
to the gloves using a non-toxic ink.
Choose one color only. Stock colors
include yellow, white, red, royal blue,
blue, green, brown and black. Many
more colors available.


4CP Digital Transfer

A transfer is made
using a special CMYK printer and
then applied to the gloves by heat
and pressure. Stretches without
cracking, washable & durable. A
four-color process logo for only one
set-up charge!




Silkscreen Transfer

A transfer is made
using a silkscreen method and applied
to the glove by heat and pressure.
Stretches, washable & durable.
Up to three colors. Used primarily
on knit gloves.


Embroidered Patch

A stitched design is produced into a patch.  
The patch is heat pressed onto the glove
for a permanent seal.  Includes 9 colors &
up to 100% embroidery coverage.  This is a
great way to get that beautiful professional
embroidered look & feel for a low price.